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Contacts is my blog, where I share ideas for common technical problems. If you need further explanations or you need my expertise in your question - feel free to reach me at

My technical background started in 2008 when I was building e-commerce websites on PHP. From the beginning, my passion was security, automation testing and working with people. After some time I discovered a world of cloud computing and AWS, where a little configuration allows us to achieve so many features and capabilities, which in the past would take a company years to be developed.

Nowadays I have diverse expertise in web development, cloud computing, in business areas of telecom, e-commerce, online advertisement, and marketing. To share my knowledge I started this cloud architecture blog in 2019. I hope you enjoy the reading and make something useful with it. :) 

Maksym Moskvychev

Maksym Moskvychev

Solutions Architect with 11 years track record in e-commerce, online marketing and cloud computing. Currently based in Amsterdam. My best technical skills are PHP, Node.js, Mysql, AWS, Serverless. Will be happy to build the right solution for your needs.

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